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Common Causes of Car Accidents in SLC

After a major accident, you could be left with an overwhelming number of things that all need to be taken care of. You’re suffering, of course, but you’re also in need of financial compensation, and the at-fault party isn’t likely to just hand it over. You’ll likely need to fight for your compensation, and that means proving who’s responsible.

You’ll need to determine what caused your accident to identify the person responsible for your crash. A serious accident can leave you suffering, so get the help you need to investigate your claim and find the responsible party.  

Distracted Driving

When you’re behind the wheel, you have a duty to pay attention to the drivers around you. While you’ll need to drive defensively to protect your own safety, you should also avoid engaging in driving behaviors that could cause harm to others.

Unfortunately, distracted drivers aren’t following this rule. Driving distracted puts all drivers in danger. When a driver isn’t focused on the road, they may drift into other lanes, fail to stop in time, or lose control of his or her vehicles. When another driver chooses to text, eat, or otherwise not focus on the road, an accident can ensue.  


Sometimes, even paying attention to the road isn’t enough, however. Drivers should also follow the instructions of all traffic signs as doing so makes everyone on the road safer. Sadly, many people disobey one important direction: the speed limit.

When drivers speed, they lose the ability to stop quickly, and they may not be able to successfully account for this. The driver who caused you wreck may have been following you too closely, and when you had to brake, he or she was unable to stop in time.

Unfortunately, high-speed accidents can be deadly in virtually any circumstances. If another driver was speeding and hit you, you may be eligible to collect compensation from that driver.

Road Hazards

In some cases, you might not have been hit by another driver. Instead, you might have been in a single-car crash, and now you’ll need help recovering. However, your accident may not have been your fault—even if you were the only car on the road.

Instead, your accident may have happened because road hazards damaged your car or caused you to lose control. A serious pothole, for example, can damage your car to the point that you lose control. Road defects, such as roads that don’t drain properly after a rain, can cause serious accidents.

These accidents are often the fault of the government agency responsible for maintaining the roadways. Because they didn’t take care to protect drivers from a serious wreck, they may be responsible for your accident.  

Take Action After a Crash

An SLC accident can leave you struggling to recover, especially if you’re not sure who’s at fault for your accident. A Salt Lake City car crash attorney may be what you need to recover from your accident and find the person responsible.

Fortunately, a lawyer can help you recover and fight for your compensation. With a lawyer on your side, you’ll have a better chance to get the full compensation you deserve—no matter how complex the cause.  

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